Portland Area Climbers Coalition


What is the Portland Area Climbers Coalition?

We are a member based non-profit consisting of local climbers with the goal of land-stewardship and maintaining access to local crags. Aspects of PACC include; Organizing trail work, re-bolting, building belay platforms, creating and maintaining contacts with land owners, working with national level conservation groups, and helping map more long term projects for the Portland area. 

Why is PACC needed? 

Within 2 hours of Portland there are over 25 crags containing anywhere from over 100 routes to a handful. There are several different government agencies who own the land and sometimes these are layered over each other. A few crags or the trails needed to get to them are on private land. Numerous dedicated individuals over the years have worked tirelessly to develop and maintain these crags. Over the years though these people have moved away, focused their energy into other projects, or have passed away. As this happens contacts with land owners fade, crags go into disrepair, and unsafe climbing conditions grow. PACC’s goal is to develop a long term organization that can maintain over the years and funnel resources to better the climbing community. 

Does PACC have anything to do with adding new bolts, adding new routes, or retro-bolting?

We hope to help fund and facilitate the replacement of degraded bolts and anchors. Using our own funds or working with a grant via the ASCA we will be helping replace bolts that are in a bad or questionable condition. The scope of PACC and bolts end with that. 

Where does the money from membership dues go?

All funds go directly into resources needed for projects such as trail maintenance supplies, belay platforms, bolts, and anchors. A small percentage goes into admin cost such as web hosting and insurance. All board members donate their time and receive no compensation. A financial breakdown will be posted at the end of the year. 

How can I help PACC?

The easiest way is to become a member. Your membership dues will be making a direct impact at the local crags. Throughout the year we will be hosting events that will need volunteers. Notifications of these will be sent out ahead of time so you can get involved. 

Our mission

The PACC is a 501c3 non profit organization committed to preserving and protecting climbing areas and resources in the greater Portland area. Our mission is to promote active stewardship, conservation, and responsible use at local climbing areas.